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Author/Artist Vicki Thomas lives in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevadas with her husband, where in addition to writing, she teaches watercolor painting and acrylics. She is well known throughout California as a gifted artist. This is her first novel.

A decade ago, writing fantasy for young adults struck Vicki like lightening. Her passion for writing and plotting the stories in her head drove her to produce seven hand-written books, which she is now rewriting and editing. This is the first book in that series. It is no surprise that JK Rowling’s, author of The Harry Potter Series, is her main inspiration, as well as other fine fantasy writers. Vicki immersed herself in the Potter books as well as the DVD’s. To help keep the characters straight and her protagonist’s journey, she sketched pictures and drew a map. Just where all the ideas, characters, and strange animals came from is still a bit of a mystery.


The Long Dark Cloak, a young adult fantasy, is about thirteen-year-old Ivan, who is on a quest to find his older brother in a mystical forest. He half-heartedly agrees to undertake a mission of mercy to save the life of Zephyrus, an ancient Kingwood Oak. The lad encounters strange and sometimes dangerous creatures that either help or hinder his journey. When war is declared, Ivan finds himself a reluctant hero, fighting to save the forest as well as his own life. When he finds his brother, he asks himself if Peter is the person he remembered.

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Since Vicki is an artist as well as an author, she felt she must design and paint the cover. If she didn’t, her artists friends would certainly be disappointed in her negligence. The tree in her story is fashioned after a famous oak tree in The New Forest of Southern England, called the Queen. While it is the biggest tree standing, it comes short of her vision for Zephyrus, a huge Kingwood oak. He is the Master and Peacekeeper of the forest.

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